Our weekly reports give you the best trading research possible!  

Dear Profit Seeker,

For less than a decent cup of coffee per week — we’re talking a Venti Americano at Starbucks — we want to give you access to the most timely, useful, and flat-out profitable market research available anywhere.

(Our humble opinion — okay maybe not so humble. We DEMAND excellence in everything we do… and we’re proud of our work.)

We’re so confident you’ll find this research valuable — worth ten times the insanely low cost, if not more — we’re offering a 30 day money back guarantee.

Get our weekly issues. Browse the archives. Kick the tires as hard as you like.

And if you aren’t completely satisfied, just email us within 30 days. We’ll refund your money…. as simple as that.

What research are you talking about? 

We’re talking about the Mercenary Strategic Intelligence Report, or SIR for short.

Every Saturday, 47 weeks per year, the Strategic Intelligence Report is delivered to your inbox in easy-to-read (and easy-to-print) PDF format.

Within the roughly 6 to 8 pages of each SIR, you’ll find research and commentary that is timely and valuable for you as an investor (or trader… or money manager… or all of the above).

Combining insightful macro commentary with individual stock coverage, industry group coverage, and long and short investment ideas, previous SIR issues have already alerted investors to notable potential gains in:

  • Base Metal Miners
  • Solar Stocks
  • Oil Refiners
  • And more!
  • (Specific examples to come… keep reading…)

So what makes the SIR unique? 

You need less information in your life, not more.

And if at all possible, you want your news flow filtered by experienced, seasoned market participants… guys with a nose for making money, not fighting the tide, ignoring the price action, or pushing some ideological agenda.

That’s why the SIR is so valuable. It cuts through the clutter and tells you what you need to know each week — from a smart money management perspective — while highlighting stocks, sectors and industries with notable long or short potential. That’s it.

Each week we filter the equivalent of fifty newspapers’ worth of raw information… combine that with a ton of dedicated market research (drawing on team members and fine-tuned quantitative processes, both technical and fundamental)… mix in a collective 30+ years of trading experience… and boil it all down into 6 to 8 pages of fun-to-read, easy-to-digest, highly useful content in your inbox each Saturday. 

The setup is dirt simple:

A “macro view” — what we’re paying attention to in the big picture — and a “spotlight” that delves deep into the guts of a timely trading idea, investment thesis, or industry group snapshot.

And that’s it!

And that’s really all it is — plus access to the archives and two special reports we think you’ll find valuable.

You wouldn’t want anything more — your time is too valuable. The Strategic Intelligence Report will save you time by enabling to you read less on the whole, yet understand what’s going on more fully… because you’ll be dialed in to the key drivers that are really important each week (plus timely trading and investing ideas worth paying attention to).

And the cost is so low, this thing could pay for a full years’ subscription — or heck, a 50-year subscription — with just one investment or key market insight…

I’d like to see a sample issue!

Your wish is our command – in fact you can see not one, but two, sample issues:

How is the Strategic Intelligence Report different from the Mercenary Live Feed

The Live Feed is our comprehensive flagship service — the equivalent of sitting in our trading room as we make decisions in real time.

The Live Feed includes daily morning commentary, charts and trading setups broadcast before market open, complete details on all trades (including risk points and position sizing), and real-time execution reporting.

The Live Feed also includes embedded access to SIR issues, the MT Driver’s Manual, and the incredible benefits of Mercenary Council Membership. (You’ll hear more on that last one soon.)

In comparison to all that firepower, the SIR is a simple weekly PDF (as shown in the sample) with macro commentary and a well researched long / short spotlight.

We created the SIR in response to demand from investors in the Mercenary community, and new traders not quite ready for the “Porsche 911 Turbo” of services (the Live Feed).

So how much does it cost? 

We decided to make the Strategic Intelligence Report an extremely low-cost product for a number of reasons:

We want to make it easy for you to experience the exceptional quality of our research. Once you see how timely and valuable it is, we think you’ll want to be more involved in the Mercenary community.

We want to expand the Mercenary community. We are all about “traders helping traders”… sharing ideas and resources… meeting up in physical locations… teaming up for money management and poker endeavors…  and thus the more the community expands, the more everyone benefits.

Our deep and liquid market style is not impacted by sharing. We are practitioners of “long / short with a global macro overlay” — which means we look for high quality positions that can run for weeks to months (sometimes even a year or two). The equities and ETFs we buy and sell are so deep and liquid, there is no adverse portfolio impact in sharing our research.

We see tremendous value in subscriber feedback — and new relationships. We aren’t faceless guys. You can email us and we’ll write back. You can come out to Las Vegas and have drinks or play poker with us. As such, we have already made some extraordinary friendships through Mercenary Trader, including high net worth investors and money managers all over the world. (Hi Europe! Hi Australia!) With the Strategic Intelligence Report we hope to further expand that reach.

So those are our reasons… as for cost, the SIR “standard” price is $199 annually.

At 47 weeks per year, that’s just under $4.25 per issue — less than a decent cup of coffee. (In our neck of the woods, a Venti Americano tops six bucks.)

And by the way, a cup of coffee can’t deliver home-run industry group analysis…  like when we put the bullish spotlight on solar stocks just before a doubling in price. (Click here for specifics.)

Nor can a cup of coffee deliver stellar individual stock ideas… like when we pounded the table for Freeport McMoran (FCX) before a beautiful run-up. (Click here for specifics.)

And of course, that humble cup of joe can’t alert you to macro-driven turnarounds… as with our timely explanation on why a domestic oil glut meant US refiner stocks were moving higher – with very timely buy recommendations. (Click here for specifics once again.)

Come to think of it, the whole SIR-vs-a-cup-of-coffee comparison is pretty ridiculous really.

The benefits of the Strategic Intelligence Report are massive… in fact some brand name hedge funds pay literally 100 times the price (on an annual basis) for research we doubt is even half as good.

So forget caffeine highs, how about a profit high when we dial you in to the next stock or industry group about to make a monster run… up OR down? (We lick our chops at the thought of bear markets, thanks to equal skills on the short side vs long.)

Past performance is no guarantee of future results, as all responsible adults know… and we aren’t fortune tellers, which means we don’t always get it right.

But we’re pretty darn good at what we do…

I don’t know… are you sure this research is an incredible value? 

Are we sure this research is an incredible value, let’s see… is Elon Musk a cool guy?  Was Breaking Bad a good television show? Does Miley Cyrus have parenting issues?

YES we’re freakin’ sure. It is an AWESOME value. Sorry for the all-caps… this is just really good stuff we’re serving up here! If you need to, go back and check out those hyperlinked examples again.

And you don’t have to take our word for it.

There’s a 30-day money back guarantee. If you try it — for just an insanely low 199 bucks — and you don’t like it, just ping jack@ or mike@ via email. We’ll give you your money back, and personally eat the credit card processing fee, because we are nice guys who stand by our work. What have you got to lose?

And that’s not all – you’ll also get a $199 second-year renewal option – even if the official price is raised via popular demand!

It sounds really good… but is there anything else you can throw in? 

You mean besides the excellent high quality research… the crazy-low $199 starting price (less than a cup of coffee per issue)… the second-year $199 renewal option, even if the price goes up?  You mean on top of all that?

Ok fine. We’ll also give you the following valuable special reports, otherwise non-available to the public (only SIR and Live Feed members will get these):


Icarus was the tragic Greek figure who flew too close to the sun, melted his wings, and plummeted to earth. Do you have growth stocks “flying too close to the sun” in your portfolio? Are there one or more names you own subject to the dangers of “Icarus-like” decline? By that we mean a 25 to 50% drop or even worse… the type of pain that hits ALL high-flyers at some point, as demonstrated in the past by names like GMCR, NFLX, GRPN, ZNGA, CROX and TZOO… the list goes on and on…

Our special report, “How to Identify Icarus Stocks,” will reveal to you:

    1. The logic of stock cycles (why all hot growth stocks inevitably flame out)
    2. The key signs to watch for in a potential “Icarus” stock
    3. An “Icarus checklist” to determine when danger is elevated
    4. Safe strategies for profiting on the short side from Icarus stocks


The B-52 bomber is an iconic American military plane. It is known for long runways and huge payloads. Similarly, “B-52s” are what we call individual stocks and industry groups that have benefited from the “runway” of a multi-month or even multi-year basing period, with incredible wealth-building potential as they “lift off” (with massive profit payload in tow).

Catching major cyclical and structural turnarounds — where one can get in not too early and not too late, but right in that runway sweet spot… investing substantial capital and building good-sized positions… and then holding these “B-52s” for months (or even a year or two) as they ascend to 40,000 feet… is the way sizable fortunes are made.

Our special report, “Building Wealth With B-52 Stocks,” will reveal to you:

    1. The essential characteristics of a B-52 stock or industry group
    2. Multi-step research techniques for discovering B-52 stocks
    3. Key aspects of position building with B-52 stocks
    4. When to take profits on B-52 stocks (how to know it’s time)

Nice. Can I email you with additional questions?

Of course. Just ping jack@ or mike@ mercenarytrader.com.

And just so you know, you can always email us. On anything.

We’ve been here for years… and we’re having way too much fun to go anywhere.

Ok, ok, I’m convinced. The Strategic Intelligence Report is worth a try. With the money-back guarantee I can’t lose… so how do I lock in the $199 price… the second-year-renewal option… and the special reports to top it all off? 

Just click the box below!

Excited to have you on board,

Jack and Mike, founders

Mercenary Trader