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SIR 43Too Much!
[July 19th 2014]
We look at the various ways this market is showing "too much" -- too much divergence, too much Fed trouble, and so on. We then make the bear case for Morgan Stanley shares, which may be riding an M&A cyclical peak.
SIR 42
The End
[July 12th 2014]
We examine the logic behind a very aggressive short position (our largest in three years)... weigh up the evidence for a major market turn... and make the bear case for ICE and the publicly traded exchanges.
SIR 41On Financial Engineering
[June 28th 2014]
We look at the phrase Paul Volcker hates... draw connections between 2007 and today... and make the bear case for gun manufacturers Sturm Ruger and Smith & Wesson (RGR and SWHC).
SIR 40Dubious Twinkie
[June 21st 2014]
We look at the logic of top events... note the extreme distortions in today's market... and make the bear case for E-Trade Financial Corp (ETFC).
SIR 39Mission Not Accomplished
[June 14th 2014]
We look at the faulty assumptions of the second Iraq war... draw parallels to central bank policy... and make the short case for Home Depot and Lowe's.
SIR 38Shock And Blah
[June 7th 2014]
We look at the deeper reasons the ECB announcement was a disappointment... dissect the dangerous climate for risk assets... and make the bear case for the utilities industry, now an overcrowded safe haven trade.
SIR 37Not Dead Yet
[May 31, 2014]
We look at the decline of volatility and the struggling managed futures space... uncover "pockets of weakness" in this odd market... and make the bear case for middle America retailer Target (TGT).
SIR 36Nervous Time
[May 17th 2014]
We look at the bearish factors haunting this market... note brewing deflation fears in Europe... and make the long-term bull case for India small-caps.
SIR 35The Way of All Growth Stocks
[May 10th 2014]
We take a closer look at Whole Foods and Twitter... discuss troubling stats and a slowdown in the art market... and make the bull case for Wynn Resorts (WYNN).
SIR 34The Dukes of Hazard
[May 3rd 2014]
We look at the growing divide between "haves and have nots" in and out of markets... discuss year three of the presidential cycle... and make the bull case for General Electric, the bluest of industrial blue chips.
SIR 33Phony Intellectual Class War
[April 26th 2014]
We look at the rising trend of "inequality" debate... explain why the "concern" is a political sham... and make the bull case for Cisco Systems, an old-school dinosaur not yet extinct.
SIR 32Evening Redness in the West
[April 19th 2014]
We ponder the twilight of the Omnipotent Central Bank Narrative... note the negative implications of large caps vs small caps... and make the bear case for (CRM).
SIR 31Tiger Soup
[April 12th 2014]
We revisit the fall of the original Tiger funds in 2000... connect the dots with Tiger Cub troubles today... and make the long case for Rayonier (RYN), a timber REIT with a spin-off in the works.
SIR 30The Day the Momo Died
[April 5th 2014]
We revisit the sell-off in tech names... consider multiple bearish omens... and make the bull case for SQM, a backdoor lithium play on the electric car revolution.
SIR 29Regurgitated Foie Gras
[March 29th 2014]
We look at the souring sentiment implications of a broken IPO... revisit gold and the euro... and make the multiple-compression bear case for LinkedIn (LNKD).
SIR 28Silence of the Doves
[March 22nd 2014]
We do an about face on gold... explain why this week's Fed meeting was inflection-point bearish... and make the long-term bull case for uranium producer Cameco (CCJ).
SIR 27The Ides of March
[March 15th 2014]
We revisit the downside potential of emerging markets... touch on US economy strength and near-zero interest rates... and make the bullish case for Potash Corp (POT).
SIR 26Whisper it Softly
[March 8th 2014]
We look at potential harbingers of inflation... clear up a big monetary misconception... and make the bear case for organic grocer Whole Foods.
SIR 25Supercurrency
[March 1st 2014]
We look at the euphoria surrounding Tesla and Facebook... revisit emerging markets and the dollar... and highlight a beaten-down gold stock opportunity.
SIR 24Credit Equals Gold No. 1
[February 22nd 2014]
We make the case for a gold bull market driven by China... and the bear case for troubled social media play Twitter (TWTR).
SIR 23Lessons From the Palindrome
[February 15th 2014]
We revisit the wisdom of George Soros as he retakes the "top hedge fund manager of all time" ranking... look under the hood of the Yellen rally... and consider the bearish implosion prospects for 3D printing stocks.
SIR 22Welcome to the Party, Janet
[February 8th 2014]
We look at how a big decision from the new Fed Chairman could impact markets... make an alternative scenario case for gold stocks... and warn yet again -- for the third time now -- on emerging markets.
SIR 21Bad Moon Rising
[February 1st 2014]
We look at the three basic components of assessing market conditions... highlight an inflection point shorting opportunity... and make the bear case for McDonald's, a lumbering giant with dull prospects.
SIR 20Trapped Like Rats
[January 25th 2014]
We recap "how we got here" in respect to delayed consequences... take a closer look at US equity risks... and make the turnaround case for Callaway Golf.
SIR 19Bubble Round-Up
[January 18th 2014]
We revisit the bubble case for US equities... further explore insane developments in China... and shine a spotlight on CROX, Blackstone's latest turnaround project.
SIR 18Not From the Planet Reptilon
[January 11th 2014]
We take a closer look at the Federal Reserve... highlight faltering retail stocks... and take a tour of emerging market tail risk.
SIR 17"Who Can Tell"
[January 4th 2014]
We consider the macro dangers of China... review the bearish start to 2014... and make the short case for utilities.
SIR 16Here Comes the Flood
[December 21st 2013]
We compare a prominent Wall Street bear to Noah... explain why the bull run could continue... and make the short case for Lumber Liquidators (LL:NYSE).
SIR 15A Sense of Irony [December 14th 2013]We look at "a sense of irony" in markets... explain how Germany is killing Europe... and serve up a natgas related long idea in turnaround play Encana (ECA).
SIR 14The Meaning of Bitcoin
[December 7th 2013]
We look at the phenomenon of 21st century crypto-currency... interpret the garbled "no man's land" message of the markets... and dig into the short case for IBM.
SIR 13Rocket Trouble
[November 23rd 2013]
We look at the flailing rocket scientists -- i.e. the reckless experimenters at the Federal Reserve -- and dig into Burger King Worldwide (BKW), an attractive turnaround play.
SIR 12Oh Snap!
[November 16th, 2013]
We compare, a dot com bomb of yore, to Snapchat, its present day mania counterpart. Plus exciting developments in forex and a strong shorting opportunity in Lululemon Athletica (LULU).
SIR 11Goodnight, Sweet Princes
[November 9th 2013]
We look at the inflection point “death knell” for a few major players to see what it says about market tops… revisit a potential short euro trade… and dig into potash and fertilizer stocks.
SIR 10The Fed's Box of Chocolates
[November 2nd 2013]
Sources of surprise that could hurt complacent bulls, plus the substantial upside potential of US oil refiners.
SIR 09High On Their Own Supply (Reasons For Concern)
[October 25th 2013]
The contrarian case for doubting the bulls — plus questioning whether BRIC equities are a value trap.
SIR 08Shutdown, What Shutdown?
[October 18th 2013]
Contemplating the events of a crazy week… noting a change of character for the dollar and gold… and taking a bearish look at Pandora Radio (P).
SIR 07Wake-Up Calls and Doves With Claws
[October 11th 2013]
Mechanics of the shutdown, the institutional bull rally, and thoughts on a Yellen Fed… plus revisiting the solar space (where we still hold longs).
SIR 06Fitness Landscapes and the Crisis Trade [October 4th 2013]A look at the "crisis trade”… fitness landscapes and optimism risks… plus a bullish TTWO investment thesis.
SIR 05Washington's Hill to Die On
[September 27th 2013]
A look at the debt ceiling / default situation, the risks of a crash, and the corresponding possibility of a market melt-up -- plus a bearish take on consumer staples stocks.
SIR 04Bernanke's Red Line [September 20th 2013]Parallels between the Obama / Syria and Bernanke / taper situations, plus the bullish base metals case.
SIR 03Bulls Still in Charge
[September 9th 2013]
The "risk on" nature of the broad market, plausible scenarios for both a sharp correction OR an acceleration higher, and a review of risks mounting for home improvement stocks.
SIR 02Crossing Over to the Dark Side
[September 3rd 2013]
Weakness in large caps and emerging market equities, plus a "Battle Royale" brewing for
SIR 01Fed-Obsessed Market in No Man's Land
[August 26th 2013]
A look at rising bond yields, slack in US GDP, and the improving prospects for solar stocks.