A Note to Active Managers

Dear Market Professional,

It’s hard to find high quality money management resources on the web. We know, because we’ve looked.

Of course, you can always do a Google search — the 21st century equivalent of opening up a phone book.

But that’s just not the same as tapping into a community of like-minded asset management pros with similar needs and profiles — who can thus recommend solid, top-shelf sources in areas such as:

  • capital allocation
  • prime brokerage
  • strategy consultation
  • legal counsel

We never set out to make Mercenary Trader an asset manager resource hub. Things just happened organically, via our own needs and those of the growing trading community around us. So here we are…

Also, as you discover the materials available on our site, don’t forget to sign up for our FREE special report: Break the Institutional Barrier (and substantially raise AUM). The contents could spark new ideas and, if all goes well, possibly put your business into overdrive. We area also making introductions to a top notch capital allocator, funding amounts $2 to $10 million, with a similar long-run focus on scaling up AUM to an “institutional” level.

For questions, comments, feedback etc., feel free to drop us an email any time. We love hearing from you: jack@ or mike@ mercenarytrader.com

Your Compatriots in the Trenches,

J & M, co-founders etc.