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So what exactly IS the Mercenary Live Feed??

In a nutshell, the Mercenary Live Feed is an over the shoulder look at the real time trading decisions of Jack Sparrow and Mike McDermott (the founders of Mercenary Trader).

It is not a trading “newsletter,” not a trading “chat room,” and not a trading “blog” — but rather a unique hybrid of all three.

But really the Live Feed is much more than that. Calling it a “trading service” doesn’t do it justice.

To really sense the power of the Live Feed, you simply have to experience it for yourself. (Which is why we offer a subscription that is risk-free, with a 60-day money-back guarantee.)

As active money managers trading a substantial portion of our own net worth, we are aggressive traders who place a high premium on capital preservation. We “eat our own cooking” and put real dollars at risk on every trade we make.


We are neither day-traders nor long-term investors. Rather we are swing traders with a strong trend-following influence.

Our process can be described as “long / short with a global macro overlay.” We primarily trade equities and ETFs, with some commodities and forex mixed in. Our focus is on carving out large chunks of profit from liquid markets on a multi-day or multi-week basis.

Our aggressive performance target is 40% compound annual returns, regardless of whether the stock market is up or down.

Achieving this result can mean yearly gains ranging from single digit percentages to many hundreds of percent. (We are not clipping coupons here.)

We focus on delivering such returns safely – remember, we have OUR OWN capital at risk on EVERY trade – through superior risk management at all levels – from total portfolio management all the way down to daily risk point adjustment and active position monitoring for every trade.

We seek to accomplish our aggressive return goals through discriminating trade selection, price based pattern filtering, and top down macro analysis. Every day we scan through hundreds of potential trade setups to find the very best opportunities. We also actively monitor and interpret institutional sentiment drivers, global macro factors, and other inputs to optimize trading returns.

The result is a consistent ability to identify the most attractive trade setups on a day-in and day-out basis, both long and short, in all classes of market environment, from bullish to bearish and high volatility to low.

Click on the links below to see examples of some of our recent trade setups:

Another key factor in our success is DYNAMIC POSITION SIZING.

we have the ability to adjust our trade size by a factor of more than 40 to 1 – giving us the opportunity to be extremely aggressive when the environment is right, and to back off the throttle when conditions are unfavorable…

And again, all of our trades are taken with real capital – broadcast in real-time – and held in a real trading account

As a Live Feed subscriber, you will benefit from our depth of experience and diverse backgrounds.

Between the two of us (Mike & Jack), we’ve got more than 30 years of professional market experience covering a diverse array of asset classes.

This makes the Live Feed a valuable resource for traders and investors alike.

For example, Active traders appreciate our frequency of trade setups – along with our real-time broadcasts of entry and exit points.

Longer-term investors are attracted to the Live Feed because of investment idea generation and deep commentary focus on individual sectors and industries.

And all subscribers benefit from our “top down market perspective,” and our ability to analyze key drivers of all market environments.

By design the Live Feed is extremely easy to use. “Clean, powerful and intuitive” are three words we often hear to describe it.

So now let’s demonstrate just how easy, with a quick run-through as to how the Live Feed works…

The Live Feed morning materials

Each morning we put together a package of materials for the trading day ahead. These materials are EMAILED to your inbox an hour before the US market open, and also posted on our members-only site.

Live Feed Commentary

The Live Feed commentary covers the most important issues facing us each trading day.

Depending on the day, commentary may focus on the macro environment, key drivers inflection points in play, particular market events, or trading related observations impacting future trade decisions and the current trading portfolio.

The commentary helps us boil down all of the news flow to the very basic points that are important for our trading. This way we avoid information overload and can focus on the events and issues that are likely to be key catalysts for our positions.

Trade Setups

Here, you can see a quick synopsis of our trade setups and adjustments for each day.

This is your reference point for daily trade adjustments including

  • New pending long positions
  • New pending short positions
  • Adjustments to pending trades
  • Adjustments to existing risk points
  • Trade cancellations
  • Trade closures


For every new trade (long or short), we post a chart with commentary for the trade.

These charts include support and resistance points so you can see our logic behind initial entry and risk points with price-based pattern confirmation.

Pending Orders

The pending orders table shows our potential entry prices as well as risk points for all pending trades.

The pending orders table is updated on the Live Feed site each morning at 8:30 EST and sent out in the email broadcast, giving subscribers plenty of time to set up the trades before US markets open.

For the majority of our trades, we use stop/limit orders to ensure that the price action is moving in our favor as we enter.

More information about how stop/limit orders work is included in the Frequently Asked Questions section in the Live Feed site.

The Live Feed Trend Tracker

The Trend Tracker is your central dashboard for analyzing the price action of relevant benchmarks, sectors and asset classes.

This valuable snapshot is updated regularly to give you a bird’s eye view of how trends are developing, levels of overall risk appetite across multiple markets, and where institutional capital is flowing.

Position Summary

The position summary is a snapshot of all open positions, complete with entry prices, risk points, trade targets, and other important data points such as earnings dates, reward-to risk ratio etc.

Note that the position summary is sorted by industry, so you can easily see our allocation to different sectors.

All of these Live Feed modules are emailed to subscribers each morning an hour before US equities open.

They are also posted on the Live Feed website for easy access throughout the day.

Throughout the trading day, we update all executions in real-time on the Live Feed site.

And of course, all of our historical trades are available in the permanent archives which go back several years since the Live Feed started.

Live Feed subscribers also have access to a private twitter feed through which we send out trade alerts in real-time throughout the day. The twitter feed can be set up so that you can receive text message alerts in real-time.

We have a detailed instruction page to guide you through exactly how to set these alerts up for your phone.

While the majority of our trade setups are broadcast to subscribers an hour before the market opens, we do send out trade alerts during the trading day when appropriate. These alerts can be new trade setups, or alerts to take profits or cut losses on existing positions.

Whenever we broadcast a new trade alert during the day, we always send the alert via twitter FIRST before executing the trade in our own account.

Once the trade is executed in our own account, we also send out an alert reporting our transaction price.

All transactions are recorded on the Live Feed site as well – and all historic trades are available through the calendar based archives on the Live Feed site.

Over the more than two years that the Live Feed has been running, we have received some tremendous accolades from our subscribers. You can see a sample of these documented testimonials on the right side of this page.

Needless to say, we greatly appreciate the feedback.

But don’t take their word for it – see for yourself by taking advantage of our 60-day Money-Back Guarantee.

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There is absolutely no risk! If you cancel within the first 60 days, we will refund your payment (less a 10% restocking fee – see our terms and conditions). No strings attached. You can request a refund any time within the first 60 days with a simple email.

If you have further questions we are happy to answer personally – simply email jack@ or mike@

Be also aware that seats are limited, pricing can rise any time, and we reserve the right “close” the Live Feed to new subscribers at any time.

We have already raised the price multiple times due to demand… By signing up now, you can ensure a seat and lock in the current low rate for a guaranteed two years.

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To your trading success!

Jack & Mike, founders
Mercenary Trader

p.s. As mentioned in the tutorial video, seats are limited — We reserve the right to close the Live Feed to new subscribers at any time. We are also forced to periodically raise prices (due to supply and demand), and have already done so repeatedly. But if you sign-up now, you can lock in the current rate (which is still an incredible deal) for a guaranteed two years. Don’t wait — get your risk-free subscription today!