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Jack here. This is my all-time favorite Shakespeare passage:

There is a tide in the affairs of men,
Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune;
Omitted, all the voyage of their life
Is bound in shallows and in miseries.
On such a full sea are we now afloat,
And we must take the current when it serves
Or lose our ventures.

In every man’s life comes the moment – that precious moment – when it is time to act. One must seize the day… the opportunity… the trade… or destiny fades.

In the next few minutes, I am going to present to you what could potentially be the biggest trade of your life. (It has to do with the Driver’s Manual.)

“Biggest trade of your life.” Am I joking around? No. I’m dead serious.

Reward to risk is measured by “R.” If you buy a stock with $2 per share of risk and $10 of upside, that is a potential 5R trade.

Your potential R on this “trade” is so big it’s almost ridiculous to put down a number. It could have R of 10,000… 100,000… or even a million. That sounds wild, I know. And I can obviously make no guarantees as to what you will accomplish.

But I think when you finish reading this, you will agree. I think you will say “Wow, Jack is right. That seven-figure-R could be real.” And this extraordinary trade is going to be offered to 500 people… and 500 people only. That’s it.

Let me take a few minutes to tell you about this “trade” in full. You’ll have all the info you need by the time you finish.

And of course, if you have any questions, you can email myself or Mike (as you always can anyway) via jack@ or mike@

In the next few pages you will find out:

• What’s next for the Field Guide
• The full vision for the Driver’s Manual
• Why we plan to charge for the Driver’s Manual
• The “Biggest Trade” – and why only 500 get it
• What you’ll receive… and what you need to do


Serving as introduction to the Driver’s Manual, the Trading Psychology Field Guide will always be free. The concepts are super important, and need to be shared with the world.

Here is a snapshot of what’s still to come in the TPFG line-up:

The 5 Traits of a Master Practitioner. There are five traits shared by every master trader… every master poker player… every master strategist… and every true leader of men. That’s why the word “practitioner” is used, because the traits span multiple disciplines. You will learn exactly what these traits are… why they are so critical to develop and reflect on… and how you can do so.

Mastery-Level Cognitive Training Techniques. Thomas Edison said: “If we did all the things we were capable of, we would literally astound ourselves.” The most powerful step toward unlocking capability is developing excellent cognitive control. It’s no surprise this takes knowledge, practice and training. The Field Guide will provide that training… with clearly defined action steps, spelled out in detail. Things you can do… with specific instructions, every single day… to master yourself and thus master your own destiny.

Mastery-Level Emotional Control. What if you could control your emotions… and I mean really control them? What if you could alter your emotional state at will?
Become calm at will… transcend turmoil at will… reach deep down and summon powerful motivation and burning hot energy at will. Guess what: You can do this. I know because I have done it. The Field Guide will, again, show you the way… specifically… down to what you need to do every day to cultivate this level of masterful emotional control… and in so doing, take another forward step toward becoming unstoppable.

Rest, Energy and Nutrition insights. Keys to mind-body balance and optimized physical energy. Your body isn’t a Ford Escort, it’s a Porsche 911 Turbo. You just have to know how to tune it. And keep it running in tip-top shape for decades to come.

All of that is in the works. It is all mapped and structured out, via my endless pages of notes and recordings and memos.

The above will all be part of the Field Guide…. and it will all be free. The cost is nothing, the value incalculable.

If this material doesn’t radically transform you, or at minimum show you the door for such transformation – after all, only you can walk through the door – I will eat a deck of playing cards. You can come to Vegas and watch.

Why am I doing this? Why am I giving you all this power? Because I want you to be awesome. I want you to be transformed.

Lao Tzu said: “He who has mastery over others is powerful. He who has mastery over himself is more powerful still.” I want you to tap the core of incredible energy and resources deep inside yourself and become the full measure of who you can be… a 21st century Highlander if you will… one of the most radically powerful human beings on the planet.

And why do I want this?

So that you can join Mike and me – and your fellow Mercenaries – in carrying out one of the most awesome trading visions, and ultimately world-changing visions, ever conceived.

Again, just hear me out… this is huge. You’ll have every chance to tell me I’m nuts if you think I’m wrong.


We have been told, by multiple people, that the core concept behind the Driver’s Manual is a work of genius — or at minimum sheer brilliance.

And you know what? That judgment is right. (No excessive pride here — but no false modesty either.)

Yet the power of the DM isn’t testimony to the brilliance of any one individual. It’s all about evolution… and in that regard, persistence far outranks IQ.

We have been working on Driver’s Manual concepts — tinkering, iterating, experimenting, refining — for well over two years now.

It started as a very rough idea. Then it grew… took on a life of its own… evolved.

Evolution is central to all progress. When you know what to look for, you see it everywhere. The great ideas, the great strategies, the great masterworks, do not spring forth like Athena from Zeus’ forehead. They are a product of experimenting, observing, refining and testing… with talent and serendipity mixed in.

That’s a big reason too, by the way, that things have taken a while to get rolling. We haven’t been dawdling our thumbs. We’ve been giving the evolutionary process time and room to work.

This is my all-time favorite Nietzsche quote: “Many are stubborn in pursuit of the path they have chosen, few in pursuit of the goal.”

All along — for roughly four years now — Mercenary Trader has had the same basic goals. We’ve tinkered with the path, but the goals are rock steady:

• Build an awesome community of traders.
• Help those traders… and help them help each other.
• Kick ass in markets.
• Have lots of fun.
• Be the best at what do.

Everything Mercenary Trader does, in one form or another, is an expression of those five goals. Those five goals are what being a Mercenary (with a capital M) is about… and will always be about.

And the Driver’s Manual, as the vision has transformed, is the evolution-based outcome of thinking about those goals… and acting on them, working to make them reality… day in and day out.

In result, the fully envisioned DM will be far, far more than just a set of materials teaching traders how to trade.

To really communicate the power of the Driver’s Manual, in its ultimate realized form, we’ll use a quick series of paradigms:

• The Turtle Paradigm
• The Research Paradigm
• The Sharing Paradigm
• The Enlightenment Paradigm


In the early 1980s, Richard Dennis and William Eckhardt conducted the most famous trading experiment of all time.

For those rusty on the story, Richard Dennis was a superstar trend follower. He began as a floor trader, then ran $5,000 into more than $100 million.

Dennis and his partner, William Eckhardt, had a friendly argument. Dennis thought trading ability could be taught. Eckhardt thought it was internal — you either have it or you don’t.

So Dennis and Eckhardt ran an experiment to see who was right. They advertised in the newspaper and sought trainees, picking and choosing among applicants. Then they taught the applicants basic trend-following rules, and gave them a sum of Dennis’s money to manage.

Richard Dennis dubbed these trainees “turtles,” because he had once visited a farm in Singapore where they grew turtles in vats. He joked that he was growing traders in vats.

The results of the experiment were legendary. Many trainees washed out, but a few of the turtles saw spectacular success. A handful went on to manage hundreds of millions, and a good number still run funds to this day. (Richard Dennis has long since retired. But his partner, William Eckhardt, still runs more than $300 million in a trend-following fund.)

The turtle experiment proved without a shadow of a doubt: The art and science of trading can be taught. Maybe not to all, perhaps, but certainly to some.

But here is the funny thing: What the turtles were “taught” by Dennis was absolutely minimal. At heart it was a bare-bones list of trading rules (which you can now find on Google – just type in ‘original turtle rules’).

So this begs the question:

• What if the ‘turtles’ experiment had been conducted on a far deeper level?
• What if trainees were taught not just basic rules, but everything?
• What if the training emphasized self-mastery as much as anything else?
• What if the training included all the steps for becoming a master trader…
• And covered all mediums – print, audiovisual, interactive, even face-to-face…
• And what if that training never stopped… but just kept going deeper?

The Driver’s Manual will function like original turtle program writ large. It will expand on the “turtle paradigm” by orders of magnitude.

There are so many different ways to learn:

You can learn through reading (PDFs and articles).

You can learn through studying (tests, workbook problems, quizzes).

You can learn through audio visuals (podcasts, speeches, videos, power points).

You can learn through software (dynamic interactive training).

You can learn through regular face-time with mentors (deep interaction).

You can learn through conversation with fellow students (shared insights).

And which is the best way to learn? There is no best way. They are all awesome ways to learn. So why choose? Why not have all of them?

True trading “mastery” is such a deep, powerful and noble goal, the actual attaining of it takes years. There is just a tremendous amount to absorb, and practice, and learn.

So why not build an interactive experience – the Driver’s Manual – that naturally reflects that reality?

An experience that starts with the turtle concept… expands it tenfold… and never stops?


As already mentioned, the Field Guide will always be free.

The Driver’s Manual, however, will not always be free. We’ll have to charge for it.

There are multiple reasons for this. But the biggest, most powerful reason is this:

Profits generated by the Driver’s Manual will be invested directly back into the Driver’s Manual… making it even stronger.

As we have already explained, the DM mandate is training master traders. That is a huge, huge mandate.

The breadth and depth of it explains why we can start off running… and just keep going.

And as the Driver’s Manual funds itself (through member subscriptions), we will be able to invest that funding directly back into research.

What does that mean?

Here are some examples (next page):

The best speakers in the world. As we explore the deep psychological elements of trading mastery, we may choose to, say, invite a top neuroscience expert to fly in from Switzerland and speak at a quarterly DM conference. Or if we are expanding our coverage into, say, exotic options structures, we might want to fly in the world’s foremost authority on that topic. Or perhaps we might ask the world rally-car racing champion to share insights, or the foremost authority on chaos theory. We’ll be able to do crazy stuff like this. And we will. Because it isn’t actually “crazy”… it is all in service to the DM’s stated goals.

Interactive training and development. What is the absolute best way to develop training mastery? What are the best tools? Do those tools involve quizzes… workbooks… audio-visual learning? Something wild and not even imagined yet, like 3D holographic learning? We don’t know, but we can experiment and find out. With DM funding we will expand the roster of DM training materials from simple PDFs and whatnot to dynamic interaction tools, all the while using feedback from YOU to determine what is most effective. As we seek to transform you into a master trader, you will report back to us: “XYZ” seemed to work better than “ABC” and so on. You will help us iterate and refine and improve the tool sets even further — and we will relentlessly improve them. DM funding makes this possible.

Powerful trading software. Master traders need master-level software tools. The right software, combined with the proper training, can dramatically enhance trading capabilities. We already have incredibly powerful ideas in this space. With DM funding we can create that incredible custom-made software… putting super-sharp developers and programmers hard at work on it… again with your help and feedback. We will seek not just to make you a samurai in trading terms, but to put the katana (killer world-class software) directly in your trained hands… through the evolutionary development of software that you help build and create, with your funding and feedback as a DM member.

Trading Research & Development. The optimal way to test new trading strategies is with real capital. DM funding will help expand our trading “R&D” efforts, as we try out experimental methodologies and techniques. Through this testing and refining process — again evolution at work — we will find new and powerful strategies that work. And then, of course, we will teach them… making the DM even stronger. Every time frame. Every methodology. Every logical approach. If it potentially adds to breadth and depth of trading mastery, it will be fair game in our line of sight. And live-fire R&D will shows us what really, truly works.

Expanded analyst coverage. The scope of Driver’s Manual activity is so big, Mercenary Trader will have to expand as an organization in order to fulfill it. We will need full traders and analysts working for us, full-time, as we grow our R&D and research budgets, adding depth and breadth to new market areas and strategies and timeframes. How many analysts and traders will Mercenary hire in the next five years? Possibly as few as two or three… or possibly as many as ten or twenty. DM funding will enable this too…

Trader funding capabilities. DM funding will further enable MT’s sister entity, Mercenary Capital, to carry out its mandate. The mandate of Mercenary Capital is simple: Fund the next generation of trading superstars… give them full-scale back-office and operational support… and help them grow their fledgling hedge funds to hundreds of millions under management (in exchange for a minority investor stake). If you succeed in becoming a master trader via Driver’s Manual training, not only will we applaud you… we’ll potentially fund you. And market you to our active community of investors.

Is it a brilliant plan? Yes. Is it really happening? Yes. Can you pitch in? Yes.

You’ve probably heard of Oculus VR, the virtual reality startup recently acquired for an eyebrow-raising $2.3 billion by Facebook.

Oculus VR began as a “cool idea” and sought funding on Kickstarter, a community investment website.

Thousands of people put money into Oculus VR (via Kickstarter) out of the goodness of their hearts, because they loved the virtual reality “vision” and wanted the company to succeed.

You know what those funders got in exchange for their investment? A t-shirt. The venture capitalists who backed Oculus VR for tens of millions saw a 2,000 percent return on their capital when Facebook swooped in… but the early Kickstarter backers got nothing but t-shirts! (It was a slap in the face really.)

Here is the thing: By charging for the DM, we are creating our own version of Kickstarter funding.

Except, as a backer, you will receive far, far more than just a ball cap or a t-shirt. (and we’ll never sell out to Facebook.)

You will get all the benefits of the DM itself. You will be directly contributing to, and investing in, the dynamic feedback loop that turns you into a master trader.

How amazingly sweet is that? Forget social media video game fluff. Together we can collectively make our own billions… and keep it.


The research paradigm offers plenty enough reasons to charge for the Driver’s Manual. But here is another: We want to put up a barrier for those who are not serious. We want to keep out the non-committal types, the dabblers too wishy-washy to invest in their own destiny.

The late Jim Rohn once said: “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” I’m not sure how scientifically accurate that is. There are certainly glaring exceptions to the rule. But for the most part, the concept has value. You are who you spend time with.

As such, we want to make the community of DM members — a sort of “community within a community,” the larger community of Mercenaries — as high quality as possible. That means restricting access.

The more high-value the community, the more value we will get from sharing with each other… and that means sharing trading and investing ideas too.

Have you ever tried to glean trading ideas off a public message board? If you have, you know how awful the experience is. It’s like dredging for diamonds in a septic tank. Every once in a blue moon you might, just MIGHT, come up with a gem. But mostly it’s pure crap.

Now, though, imagine an idea-sharing community with the following characteristics:

• everyone is thoroughly trained.
• everyone has a deep understanding of markets.
• everyone understands the key elements of a great trading idea.
• many members are already seasoned traders and money managers.

From what you’ve already absorbed, you can surely see the DM will be powerful… mind-blowing, even, in its capability to facilitate trading mastery.

But even given all that power, it’s possible that the “sharing paradigm” becomes just as big a value in the long-term.

Over time the DM will have community message boards (no outside riff-raff! no flaming!)… community research collaboration (the sharing of excellent ideas)… monthly cash prizes for the strongest trading and investing idea (in the thousands of dollars)… niche-specific insights from money managers in different countries or different market strategies… and more.

As a community IDEA SOURCE, and SHARING SOURCE, it’s going to be huge. Traders helping traders… to the ultimate degree.

And of course, we will not only share ideas, we will share experiences:

• Trading and life experiences worthwhile for fellow traders to hear.
• Actual “fun event” experiences for camaraderie and bonding.

DM members will get more than just great trading ideas from their fellow DM members. They will get insights, stories, and wisdom.

There is no single individual who can share as powerfully, as deeply or as comprehensively, as an entire community can. This sharing will take place through physical events… through emails and message boards and conference talks… through video testimonials and interviews… and through the simple bonds of friendship, hanging out, getting to know your fellow DM members.

And we will also share experiences literally, through regular community participation in things like:

• poker outings in various cities around the world (WSOP, WPT etc)
• snowboarding and ski trips (getting a big chalet)
• snorkeling and scuba diving in Mexico and the Bahamas
• rally car racing, deep sea fishing, tearing up the autobahn…
• kicking back in Tuscany… or Barcelona… or Paris…
• and more… whatever we feel like…

We’ll do a lot of this stuff because WHY NOT, given the capability… but also because it’s great for deepening the bonds among our fellow traders (while fully experiencing the richness of life)…

The next one is maybe the most powerful paradigm of all…


Last but not least, we’ll even take our shot at changing the world…

Let me (Jack) get personal here for a second. I’ll try to keep it brief.

As we know, Jesse Livermore had a dark side. That dark side eventually killed him. A few of you have wondered aloud via email — and I agree with these speculations — whether or not Livermore’s dark side was connected to his brilliance.

Was it possible that Jesse’s torment somehow intertwined with his incredible capabilities? Did it shape and mold him in some way?

I say the answer is yes. There are multiple books and articles documenting the connection between brilliance and emotional instability. All throughout history, many great minds have been troubled minds.

My theory is that when you combine three things – super-high intelligence, super-high creativity, and super-wide emotional range i.e. capacity for deep emotion – the result is something like a turbo-charged 400-horsepower car. You can do great things with a vehicle that has a 400-horsepower engine in it. But if you don’t learn how to drive it, and how to take precautions, you can run it into a wall.

But I say the answer is “yes” to the Livermore question for a more personal reason… because I have seen the impact in my own family. In some ways, I am Jesse Livermore. Besides sharing the same initials of our real names (JL), I have a relative – my own grandfather – who committed suicide in the prime of a very successful life…

Granddad was a wonderful, much loved, brilliant man — a regional editor for Time magazine and a successful product inventor. People adored him.

Like Jesse, my grandfather had everything at the time of his death: Wonderful family, friends, respect, money and accomplishments. But that darkness took him anyway. I’m sure the right combination of cognitive training and mental perspective could have saved my granddad. Just like it could have saved Jesse.

That twin streak of darkness and brilliance goes all through my family tree. It’s the 400 horsepower thing. I have another close relative who played a role in the invention of the CVV code — that three-digit number you see on the backs of credit cards. My own dad has that combination of blessing and curse… and I do too.

A lot of Jesse’s insights likely came from efforts to wrestle down his own demons. I looked at the history of my own family in my late teens, and saw the clear potential for demons within myself.

I then resolved, around age eighteen, to master my emotions pre-emptively – to figure myself out and transcend the family demons before they could hurt me.

That resolution occurred twenty years ago… and it was that same resolution that put me on the path to creating the Field Guide and Driver’s Manual today.

This is part of what qualifies me as your guide… what gives me validity as I show you this path. It’s a path I’ve been walking for two decades. I want to help others walk it too, so that we don’t have to lose any more great men like Jesse – or my own grandfather – to the conquerable demons of this world.

But here is what’s exciting. You don’t need demons to bring out your best self. You don’t need grief to bring forth glory.

Everyone can benefit from greater self-mastery, greater self-fulfillment, and greater ability to manifest an iron will and make things happen. And that is what makes me really excited. Trading mastery is self-mastery. And self-mastery, in turn, is the key to cognitively and emotionally advancing the entire human race.

The brilliant physicist Michio Kaku has speculated that, if the human race is to survive for thousands of years, we will have to do two things. First, not extinguish ourselves (world war being the greatest threat) – and second, develop the technology to go off-planet before the next extinction event kicks in (ice age, comet, volcanic ash suffocation, etc etc). Either that, or develop the tools to forestall or reverse that extinction event before it happens.

Are such things probable? Who knows. But they are certainly possible.

And if we put together the most dynamic community of traders that has ever existed, we will have the resources — financial, mental, logistical, spiritual — to actually change the world. To help spread “enlightenment” if you will… not some cheesy, fuzzy definition of the term, but in literal ways: Everything from huge strides in mental and emotional self-mastery (turning two-thousand-year-old ideas into 21st century tools)… to clean drinking water in third world countries… to the deeper enablement of talented individuals everywhere (which in turn accelerates the power of research and technology breakthroughs)… to whatever we choose as immensely powerful individuals, individually, collectively, or both.

So yeah. This vision is personal…


There is still some “home stretch” work left on the Field Guide. It’s taken longer than expected, but evolution does that sometimes.

Meanwhile, the Driver’s Manual is already unfolding… in the form of our first live events.

The first Mercenary meetup was on April 26th, 2014. We had a tremendous time “talking shop” over dinner and a few beers. I think it is safe to say that lifelong friendships were established!

Our first multi-day DM conference was Memorial Day Weekend. To say that the event was “awesome” would be an understatement. The gathering kicked off with drinks around the rooftop pool at Mercenary headquarters in Las Vegas, and continued with valuable insights and discussion in which every member present contributed to the conversation. The conference was truly a unique experience and we can’t wait to get the group back together at our next DM conference Labor Day weekend!

We will have meetups every month and DM conferences three times a year — starting now. These events will always be free… but only Live Feed and DM members can attend the full conferences.

With that background, here’s the deal:

We are extending a very special offer to the FIRST 500 PEOPLE who sign-up for the Driver’s Manual.


This offer – aka “your biggest trade” – is amazing and will never be seen again.

When the DM goes public, it will start at $899 per year (or $499 for six months).

For the initial 500 people who take the trade, your initial cost — of just $497 — will get you the following:

• Not twelve but EIGHTEEN months of DM subscription value.

• A follow-up FULL YEAR renewal option of $497 (even if the price goes up).

• Permanent calendar seniority for all space-limited future DM events.

And you will also get:

• Invitation to the next DM conference (and all future conferences).

• Physical access to the Maker poker methodology (this is HUGE).

• Permanent access to the Strategic Intelligence Report (as part of DM membership).

• Email broadcast of conference materials (for when you can’t attend).

• A Mercenary Trader ball cap (handed out at our DM conference).


With each passing month, more excellent material will be added to the Driver’s Manual.

We will begin with topics like:

• how to build a trading stake
• how to manage and size trading positions
• the essential elements of technical analysis
• the essential elements of portfolio management
• how to set up trades (with spreadsheet formulas)
• how to monitor trades
• how to analyze general conditions
• and so on…

As such, the value of the DM will be cumulative. It will just keep getting better, and bigger, as time goes on.

So part of our rationale is rewarding those who come in at the beginning… by giving them an EIGHTEEN MONTH subscription term.

The first “500″ will be there when the DM materials first get underway, and will see a brief window of public viewing before DM materials are firewalled.

So their initial entry price option will last a lot longer… extending into a second year $497 renewal option after the first eighteen months.

This matters for another reason: The DM price will absolutely rise over time.

It could eventually be $2,000 per year… $3,000… or even $5,000 or more. At any of those prices the DM would be an insane value.

But, again, the “500″ – those who become inaugural DM members at the $497 price – will have their low-cost renewal option for year two no matter how much the price increases. That is a total of 30 months at the super-low price.


Another advantage to being one of the 500: You will have calendar seniority that is permanent.

As you have already heard, we will conduct DM conference events every quarter.

Sometimes these events will center around awesome activities with limited seats.

If we decide to drive Porsches on the autobahn, for example, or go deep-sea fishing off the coast of Argentina, or get a ski chalet at Whistler, the “RSVP” head count will be limited.

Not out of intention but simply because, if 200 people want to come to a limited-space event, 170 might have to be turned away.

And that’s where calendar seniority comes in:

Whenever we set an RSVP deadline for a limited-space event, we will sort by calendar seniority.

That means the earlier you became a DM member (or Live Feed member, which gives the same privileges), the higher you are on the seniority list.

Thus becoming one of the “500″ could have benefits years from now, as the ranks of DM members swell, when limited seating events come up where we can only handle X number of attendees.


This next thing is one of the most insane parts of the whole deal.

I have decided to share my “Maker” poker methodology – the specific and exact rules – with DM members.

To get your copy of “Maker,” you will have to physically come to an event and or participate in a skype interview with us… sign a strict NDA (non-disclosure agreement)… and look me in the eye or shake my hand in promising never to divulge the contents to outsiders.

I put literally thousands and thousands of hours into developing the “Maker” methodology. I used it to book more than $60 per hour (on average) playing 20 hours per week (on average) in medium stakes games in Las Vegas (doing research on my laptop the whole time).

Thousands of hours – with countless mistakes and painful lessons learned and relearned. That’s a hell of a lot of blood, sweat and tears. As a result, I believe the Maker methodology can generate cash game poker profits on the order of $40 per hour to $400 per hour over full playing cycles, depending on the stakes played (from 2-5 low end to 25-50 high end).

For a long time I had ZERO desire to give Maker away. It was just too proprietary… too powerful… with too much of my blood left on the felt. I fought and bled and clawed to get that knowledge. I moved heaven and earth to put it all together. And the available poker universe seemed too small. Often there are only one or two juicy 10-20 cash games going at Bellagio, with 25-50 not nearly as steady. What if those games got overrun by Mercenaries?

But then I realized:

• I don’t have nearly as much playing time these days anyhow.
• I still play regularly (or try to), but it is more for fun now.
• Including event tour stops, the scope of poker venues now spans the globe.
• There are games in most big cities… Europe and Australia… even Macau…
• Many of my fellow Mercenaries can use poker to build their trading stakes.
• We can even start a Mercenary poker team

I have a friend who runs a Blackjack team. He has been doing it for two decades. You might think the casinos have finally stamped all those guys out. But they haven’t. It is still, in some ways, as profitable a venture as ever.

My friend does not actually play Blackjack these days. His face is too well known. He is one of those guys with his photo in a book in the casino security booths. Now he primarily teaches newcomers to the team how to play… works with them on strategy… helps them deal with performance issues, and so forth.

The team is privately funded, operates primarily on trust, and generates a vigorously healthy annual return on investment. (Think well into triple-digits.)

It is possible — we’re already testing out the structure and tracking our results – to achieve similar results with a Mercenary poker team.

NOT cheating… NOT colluding at the table in any way… but simply providing a “shared bankroll” to a group of compensated team members, who then fan out and play high stakes games across the country.

As Blair Hull showed in New Market Wizards, with a pooled bankroll it is possible for each player to play larger, as the turnover of favorable situations increases. The equity curve is smoothed. When you speed up the probability distribution cycle, the positive edge asserts itself more quickly. When one guy is losing, another guy is winning. It’s like having a lot more trades for a system with a positive expectation edge. The profit flow increases, allowing for higher stakes.

This means that maybe – we’ll find out! – Mercenary will have the capability of sharing Maker with select DM members… having those members prove their worth at lower stakes (like 2-5 No Limit)… and then backing some of those members, along with compensation for playing time and travel expenses, in 10-20 and 25-50 NL games against the biggest, juiciest fish in the world (wealthy businessmen).

And if the idea of a poker team does not sound inspiring, you might use Maker to elevate your own game… book your own breakout profits… and maybe join us in sitting down with $10,000 in your stack a high stakes poker outings. (Ever sit down to play with 5-10K in chips and bills? I have, countless times. It’s a nice feeling.)

If you don’t care about poker, you can skip past all this. But it’s a hell of an opportunity, let me tell you. Maker alone – and the ability to talk poker strategy regularly, at meetups and events – is so absolutely huge it makes the “500″ offer worth ten times the price instantly. Right off the bat.

(Why am I doing this again? Better move on before I change my mind…)


The purpose of DM quarterly events goes far deeper than camaraderie (though camaraderie is important).

As mentioned, there will be Q&A panels. There will be opportunities for direct feedback. And there will be presentations.

All of this will play into shaping the DM materials. You’ll have a hand in this too if you like — even if you can’t come.

That is because questions can be emailed in. We’ll take them into consideration at the event.

We’ll also record or transcribe the Q&A discussion, and share presentation materials and transcripts when new stuff comes up.

And then we will archive this material for posterity, and broadcast it to DM members via email.

So you’ll get the lion’s share benefit of our events even when you’re not there.

This is another big reason the DM will be awesome.

In doing everything we can to make it effective, we will make sure to maintain open feedback loops with you, the DM members, as to what works and what doesn’t.

We will evolve you into a master trader… and get your feedback along the way to shape and accelerate that evolution.

And you’ll get the full long-distance benefit of the quarterly events, regardless of whether you come to all four every year, or just one, or none at all.


As a DM member, you’ll also get complimentary access to the Strategic Intelligence Report (SIR).

That alone is worth a $199 per year value. (Though the content of the SIR is worth far MORE than that.)

In the SIR we’ve racked up an impressive slew of gainers, on both the long and short side.

More importantly, we’ve made a lot of key “macro” calls in keeping SIR subscribers dialed in to what’s happening.

The SIR will help you better understand how we think… which in turn will dovetail perfectly with the DM materials, as you learn to think like a master trader.

But what if you’ve already subscribed to the SIR? (Some of you receiving this are already on board.)

Simple: To cover your SIR subscription, we’ll give you FOUR ADDITIONAL MONTHS of DM access.

Could this trade get any better? Yep, at least a little…


When you RSVP for the first quarterly conference you attend, we’ll set aside a Mercenary Trader ball cap which will be waiting for you at your first event.

Eventually we’ll have plenty more “swag” — including t-shirt designs with community input, other fun stuff. But this is where we’ll start.

So now let’s recap all that goes into this, the “biggest trade” that only 500 people can take:

A one-time $497 offer for EIGHTEEN MONTHS of DM access.

This compares to $899 annually when the DM goes live and gets firewalled.

An additional two-year renewal option at $497 (even if the price goes up).

Invitation to the next DM conference Labor Day weekend – and of course all conferences to follow.

Permanent calendar seniority for all limited seating DM events.

Access to the Maker poker methodology (upon completing a Skype interview / signing an NDA).

Access to quarterly conference materials, even when you don’t attend.

Access to the Strategic Intelligence Report — or four extra months if you already have it.

A Mercenary ball cap on attending your first conference.

And of course:

Powerful New DM materials (monthly if not weekly)…

Regular communication from us (Jack and Mike)…

All the benefits of becoming a Master Trader…

And sharing trading ideas and insights with your fellow Mercenaries…

All at a cost so low (relative to “R” potential) it is practically nothing…


I think I’ve made a compelling case why the “R” on this trade is huge.

Becoming one of the “500″ — an inaugural DM member — is one of the most powerful steps you could take toward fulfilling your trading dreams.

Nobody knows what the future holds. But this could be the start of an adventure, a truly immersive and life-changing experience, that takes you to the heights of all you’ve wanted to achieve.

Ten or fifteen years from now, when you are running nine figures, being interviewed for yet another installment of the Market Wizards series, maybe you’ll be able to say: “Yep. I was one of the 500… I was there at the beginning.” Far-fetched? Sure. Impossible? Nope.

And what is the worst that could happen?

You learn an incredible amount about trading… become a far better trader… advance down the path of financial freedom… gain access to a powerful pool of trading ideas… and maybe make some lifelong friends. (Gee, that’d be terrible.)

And the cost – $497 for a full 18 months – is peanuts relative to value.

$497 is a mid-range car payment (about what I pay on my Audi A4)… the price of a round-trip plane ticket… the plumbing bill on a busted water heater. For what you get, it’s practically nothing.

And yet most of you won’t do this.

Most of you won’t join the 500… won’t take up the DM offer at all.

I know this, because I understand human nature by now.

The vast majority of people in this world are tire kickers. They dream in the night but shrink away in daylight. As Teddy Roosevelt once put it, they are the “cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.”

Most folks never act on their dreams. I wish it weren’t so, but it is.

Henry David Thoreau nailed it. This passage from Walden is absolutely true, which saddens me:

The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation. What is called resignation is confirmed desperation. From the desperate city you go into the desperate country, and have to console yourself with the bravery of minks and muskrats.

Yep. Thoreau was right. As was Shakespeare, who we led off with. Ponder these words again:

There is a tide in the affairs of men,
Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune;
Omitted, all the voyage of their life
Is bound in shallows and in miseries.
On such a full sea are we now afloat,
And we must take the current when it serves
Or lose our ventures.

We’ve made this “500″ offer as compelling as we can. The value on delivery is orders of magnitude above the cost, in lots more ways than one.

Becoming one of the “500″ – an inaugural DM member – could be one of the biggest and best trades you’ve ever made. Yet most of you will not step up.

I suppose that’s good though, because only 500 people get this offer, though thousands upon thousands will see it. Befitting master traders in the making, the 500 who step up will deploy vision and quickness in seizing the moment.

Because once the 500th person signs up, the deal disappears. Forever.

And once the DM goes full price, the cost nearly triples. ($497 for 18 months is $27.61 per month. $899 annual is $74.91.)

If you have questions, feel free to email them to Mike or myself: mike@ or jack@

Right now, though, I have one question for you:

Are you ready to make the biggest trade of your life?

In other words: Will you step up and join the 500?

To become an inaugural DM member, just click the link below.


Let the journey begin…