Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Mercenary Trader?
A. Exactly what the tagline says: A community of ruthless profiteers. For more on what that means, visit the ‘about us’ page.

Q. Who is behind Mercenary Trader?
A. Mercenary Trader was created by traders, for traders. The site is wholly owned and run by two professional traders — guys who eat, sleep, and breathe trading. We are in the markets every day, making moves and booking profits. This is what we love and this what we do.

Q. Why was Mercenary Trader created?
A. To the best of our knowledge, there was no web-based community for aggressive swing traders who routinely combine fundamentals, technicals and sentiment with deep awareness of global macro and the ability to analyze individual equities. We never found anything that fit the bill of what we wanted, so we said hey — why not create it ourselves.

Q. Are you guys really full-on traders?
A. Yep. This ain’t playtime — the content speaks for itself.

Q. Why share your ideas and research?
A. There is an incredibly beneficial aspect to articulating one’s thought process on a regular basis. Clarity unburdens the mind, and the discipline of writing and clarifying keeps us razor sharp. When you share, and commit to the regular discipline of sharing, you get as much out of it as anyone else. Plus there’s the whole community thing — traders helping traders, getting together and having a blast, and so on.

Q. Do you guys day trade?
A. No — at least not intentionally. We are quite active on an intraday basis: Monitoring new developments, adjusting positions and exposures, responding to inflection points and so on. But as a general rule we are swing traders, looking to carve out large chunks of profit on a multi-week or multi-month basis.

Q. Why the pseudonyms?
A. It’s just easier this way, not to mention more fun. (It’s good to maintain a sense of humor in this game.) If you meet up with one or both of us in person — and there will be plenty of opportunity for that — we’ll be happy to reveal our ‘secret identities.’ (If you already have a hunch, mum’s the word.)

Q. Do you run money or otherwise manage outside client funds?
A. No comment. (Some topics are better handled in person.)

Q. What is the Live Feed?
A. The Live Feed is a revolutionary means of sharing trading ideas and trading process, in real time, with a select group of Mercenary Trader community members. The electronic equivalent of looking over our shoulders during the trading day, the Live Feed encompasses new trade initiation, pyramid and stop adjustments for existing trades, and news flow / inflection point related market commentary — all on a real-time basis. Go here for testimonials.

Q. Are you worried about the liquidity impact of other traders on your positions?
A. As swing traders we focus on highly liquid instruments, and rarely (if ever) mess around with penny stocks or other thinly traded vehicles. This deep liquidity focus, combined with our typical multi-week time frames, circumvents the “crowded position” problem. Furthermore, the Mercenary method is intentionally designed to handle substantially large sums of capital. With all that said, we will also limit Live Feed access to a restricted number of members.

Q. Can I get on the Live Feed and check it out?
A. Sure. Go here to subscribe risk-free, with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Q. How many quotes are in that random quote generator?
A. Well over a thousand. We’ve been collecting ’em for a while. Click on the quote and it auto-refreshes.

Q. I have a question that isn’t answered here.
A. Send an email to feedback ‘at’ mercenarytrader.com.

Q. By the way, do you guys have a theme song?
A. Funny you should ask…