Do You Have Ten Hours a Day to Analyze Markets?

Dear Trader,

Quick question: What does your typical trading day look like?

Are you on the desk several hours before the open? Do you investigate new developments during the trading session? Does your schedule include several hours of analysis after market close?

If you have a full time day job… or if you’re enjoying the relaxed schedule of retirement… or even if you’re a seasoned full time trader… chances are you don’t have as much research time as you’d like.

It’s hard to pass the “ten hours a day” test. That’s the bad news.

The good news is, we can help!

As passionate traders first and foremost, we (Jack and Mike) DO have ten hours a day to spend on markets — in line with our habit of “eating our own cooking,” trading managed capital (a majority of our liquid net worth in fact), and keeping major “skin in the game.”

As a result of our dedication, and a commitment to deep and liquid markets (where volume is not a factor), our ten hours become YOUR ten hours via the Mercenary Live Feed.

Each trading day, Live Feed members benefit from the following:

  • More than two hours prior to the New York opening, we are on the desk making plans for the new trading session. We check the wires, review data, analyze price action, and identify the day’s new setups.
  • During trading hours, we continue to monitor the action, noting the market’s reaction to key data releases and inflection points.
  • After the market closes, we are still in research mode, listening to conference calls, checking on earnings reports, absorbing institutional research reports and so on.
  • And weekends? Well, those are important too. We take time to both work hard and play hard, but weekends in particular are when we step back and reevaluate our “big picture” macro views (which pull the whole thing together).

Bottom line: When it comes to effort – putting in the time and energy – we take the Wayne Gretzky approach: “The highest compliment that you can pay me is to say that I work hard every day, that I never dog it.

The Live Feed gives you access to our research, our trade decisions, and a transparent view of our trade book – each and every day..

So let our 10 hours become your 10 hours!

Want to know more? Watch this ten-minute tutorial video to see how exactly how the Live Feed works. (Or go here to read a transcript.)

Now — ready for your no-obligation, no risk free trial? Just click here or on the Live Feed trial box below!

To your trading success!

Jack & Mike, founders
Mercenary Trader

p.s. As mentioned in the tutorial video, seats are limited — We reserve the right to close the Live Feed to new subscribers at any time. We are also forced to periodically raise prices (due to supply and demand), and have already done so twice. But if you sign-up now, you can lock in the current rate (which is still incredibly deal) for a guaranteed two years. Don’t wait – check out the video and get your free trial today!