Why Books and Articles Are Not Enough…

Here’s a little pop quiz:

What do race car drivers, fighter pilots, and heart surgeons all have in common?

They all have demanding and exciting professions. They are all highly trained specialists. They all manage risk on a daily basis.

And they all logged countless hours of practice — “learning by doing” — on the road to mastering their craft.

Trading is similar. To become a true trading professional, a non-negotiable amount of learning by doing is required.

This is why, in the personal evolution of a trader, books, articles, and so on are not enough.

Quality materials are excellent to be sure — and can provide an edge in the right hands.

To be maximized, however, all reading materials require an intertwining of theory and practice.

This has to do with how the brain works. We have to experience emotions, and run through actual physical movements, to transform abstract ideas into hardwired elements of “the system” (the brain’s representation of a three dimensional skill set).

We can thus call books and articles a necessary, but not sufficient, component of the learning curve. More is needed.

This is why professionals of all kinds (pilots, surgeons and so on), on their path to becoming pros, accumulate live-fire experience under controlled conditions.

This means doing things like racing on a test track… running simulated dog fights… operating on cadavers, and so on.

The key factors are:

  • making the “controlled conditions” as close to real as possible
  • doing everything with 100% realism (other than taking on full risk)

Traders can do something similar by trading test funds in modest amounts — real capital, with high enough stakes to feel the emotional impact of ups and downs, yet low enough stakes to count as a “controlled conditions” environment.

It has to be enough to “hurt,” so that emotional systems are engaged (to facilitate somatic marker development), while being a modest enough amount not to invite serious financial risk.

The Mercenary Live Feed is an excellent venue for this. While many Live Feed members are full-time market professionals — from hedge fund managers and registered investment advisors to solo pros running their own money — the Live Feed also offers an ideal “learn by doing” controlled conditions environment for those who want to hone and polish their developing trading skills.

This period of controlled conditions development is vital in acquiring the experience, confidence, and emotional control necessary to step up to the big leagues (trading with meaningful amounts of capital… transitioning from part- time to full-time… individual asset manager to hedge fund manager… and so on).

With the above in mind, we hope you are enjoying the Mercenary Trader site materials.

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