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Mercenary Macro Links

The Mercenary Macro Links — posted each trading day — provide a curated flow of news, events and data in standardized sections sorted by topic.

With the Macro Links you can digest hours’ worth of news in 15 minutes or less…

Or absorb the key points of the day even faster.

There are at least three ways to use Macro Links content:

Skimming the headlines. The story headlines alone contain a valuable amount of information, and the entire document, topically sorted, can be skimmed for headlines in just a few minutes.

Reading the summaries. Each article has a summary that captures the gist of the piece, making it easy to digest the information with a little bit further depth but not much extra time investment.

Clicking through the links or reading in depth. The full story is available by clicking through each link, and it is also possible to dig into a specific area of interest or otherwise pick and choose what to follow up on.

The Macro Links archive is also hugely valuable in that, if you miss a day, or multiple days or even multiple weeks, it is easy to quickly catch up on what happened, again with everything organized by section in an easy-to-navigate way.

Here is an example of a Macro Links broadcast.

Here is an example of a Macro Links broadcast.

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