“Mercenary Trader: a Community of Ruthless Profiteers.”

Let’s break that down, word for word.

On the battlefield of markets, there are two “armies” at constant war — the bulls and the bears.

Some market participants (like the majority of long only investors) are permanently ensconced in the bull camp.

Other market participants (like those awaiting financial armageddon) are permanently ensconced in the bear camp.

The Mercenary Trader is beholden to neither side in this endless war.

Like a grizzled soldier of fortune, he hires himself out with an eye for profit — claiming no final allegiance when the day is done.

The Mercenary Trader is thus equally content running with the bulls or raiding with the bears. Above all things, his counsel is his own.



The Mercenary Trader is content to stand alone.

But at the same time, he appreciates the insight, kinship and camaraderie shared with fellow brothers in arms.

Mercenary Trader is thus meant to foster a true spirit of friendship and community among like-minded market participants, with interaction ranging from spirited comments and online discussion, to live meet-ups and events around the world, to idea and strategy round tables and other advanced forms of mutual information sharing.~


The word “ruthless” has a negative connotation in today’s climate of enlightened social values.

And yet, while true that “ruthlessness” is not a socially redeeming trait, it is ABSOLUTELY a redeeming trait in the field of financial battle.

The Mercenary Trader may well be a caring, compassionate individual in day-to-day life.

But in markets, he is ruthless.

What’s more, as a provider for his loved ones and a steward of precious capital, it is his DUTY to be ruthless.

“Love your family, not your positions. Be loyal to your friends, not your trades.”


The Mercenary Trader understands something very important: ALL RETURNS ARE RISK-ADJUSTED RETURNS.

Efficient market theorists teach that, to proportionally increase profits, you must always proportionally increase risk. The Mercenary Trader is living, breathing proof that the theorists are wrong.

Through the combination of hard work, a highly developed skill set, and finely tuned instincts honed to razor sharpness, the Mercenary Trader is able to consistently ply his trade as a “profiteer”… that is to say, one who regularly generates outsized trading returns WITHOUT taking on a “corresponding assumption of risk.”


Your Mercenary Guides

Justice ‘Jack Sparrow’ LitleĀ has seventeen-plus years of experience in markets.He cut his teeth as an international commodity broker with clients on five continents, including a large Russian hedge fund, and has traded virtually every asset class except real estate. His specialty is global macro.

You can email him via jack ‘at’ mercenarytrader.com


‘Mike McDermott’ has twelve-plus years of experience in markets. He cut his teeth at a $100-million-plus hedge fund, with a focus on new issues and small cap growth investments. His specialty is individual equities.

You can email him via mike ‘at’ mercenarytrader.com


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