Wait Long, Then Move Fast

March 26, 2013

“Wait Long, Then Move Fast.”

– Chinn Ho

JS Comment: 

Chinn Ho, known as “the Chinese Rockefeller,” was the first Asian American to make a fortune in Hawaii real estate development.

His offhand success formula — “wait long, then move fast” — is all too often the opposite of what investors do: They¬†“can’t wait” to chase trains that have left the station, and then move slowly (rather than fast) to seize opportunities and cut losses.

The concept applies in trading in respect to waiting for a clear and present inflection point before making a sizable bet.

But it also applies in daily life, in respect to simple activities like purchasing a used car or buying a house. The more in a hurry you are, the less likely you are to come across an exceptional opportunity. (And of course, you want the checkbook in your pocket when you find it.)

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