Goodbye London (Hello Hong Kong)

March 6, 2011

Mercenary Links Roundup for Sunday, March 6 (below the jump)

03-06 Sunday

HSBC reveals plans to quit London for Hong Kong

Currency war deemed over
Currency Trading Is High Stakes—and Highly Addictive

German business lobbies call for tough euro rules | Reuters
ECB code words spell April rate rise
Lex – Inflation scare: déjà vu all over again

Jobless Rate Falls Further –
US jobless rate falls to 8.9% in February
Rosenberg’s Explanation Why The Real Unemployment Rate (U-3) Is 12%

Retail Sales in U.S. Probably Climbed in February as Auto Purchases Rose
Wal-Mart Supplier Moves to Short-Term Deals on Cotton Volatility

Stocks hit oil slick but economy to trump | Reuters
Billions pulled from emerging market equity funds
Oil retreat sparks wave of US equity buying

An Ugly Breakup — A Look at the Relationship Between Oil and Stocks
What Does Oil Doubling in 2 Years Mean? | The Big Picture
Middle East deserts hold seeds of a double-dip recession – Telegraph

GOP: U.S. Should Offer Support to Libyan Rebels –
Gadhafi Rallies Backers as Government Forces Push Back –
Bahrain Protesters Encircle State Compound –

Oil millions still flow for Gaddafi
How the Loon of Libya won the West – The Globe and Mail
The Shadow King Of Wall Street: “Markets Like Totalitarian Governments”

The Real Reason for Silver’s Run – Seeking Alpha

China’s New Economic Plan Focuses on Raising Standards of Living
China Overseas Land Plans $500 Million Real-Estate Fund on Demand Wager
Wen says China set for five more fat years of growth | Reuters
China, film: Movie theaters are popping up all over China –
China’s Key Aim is Taming Prices as Wen Vows to Narrow Wealth Gap

Faber Says Now Is Time to Buy Japanese Stocks After a 20-Year Bear Market
Japanese Foreign Minister to Resign –
S&P Downgrades Toyota Bond Rating –
Hot Women Serving Cold Fish Make for Raw Feelings in Tokyo

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Armies of Expensive Lawyers, Replaced by Cheaper Software –
Duff McKagan launches wealth management firm Meridian Rock – Mar. 4, 2011

Dana Milbank – Behind the foreclosure crisis, big banks’ reign of error
Foreclosure Settlement Terms Sent to Banks by U.S. State, Federal Agencies
Mortgage Modification Overhaul Sought by State Attorneys General
Mortgage-Practices Overhaul Proposed –
Aspen, the Most Expensive Town in America –

The Fiscal Illusion and How to Face It – Economic View
GIC’s Chief: Americans Too Gloomy on Outlook –
Tom Petruno: Is inflation wolf at the door? –

Egypt Sells Fewer Treasury Bills Than Planned as Yields Hit Two-Year High
Turmoil in Libya a Threat to Italy’s Economy –
American Cultural Center in Jakarta Reaches Out –
Tunisian Stocks May Gain When Suspended Bourse Opens After 20% Drop
Dubai Stocks Rise Most in a Month After 15% Tumble, Following Saudi Rally

Fifteen Reasons News is Bad For You
Avoid News: Towards a Healthy News Diet (PDF)

Michael Moore rallies Wis. pro-union protesters
Obama Willing to Cut Spending Further –

Indian steel manager is ‘burned alive’ by fired employees

Marijuana-Like High Helps Ex-Trashman’s Synthetic Battle Solid Sex
The Puzzle of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome –

The power of lonely
The Happiest Man in America
Why Do Writers Abandon Novels?
Lady Gaga eyes legal action over breast milk ice cream
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