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March 4, 2011

Mercenary Links Roundup for Thursday, March 3rd (below the jump).

03-03 Thursday

Facebook valued at $65 billion in new investment | Reuters

Fed officials argue easy-money policy should stay | Reuters
Fed’s balance sheet hits record in latest week | Reuters

200 Years of US Government Bond Yields | The Big Picture
Greenspan Says Government ‘Activism’ Hampering U.S. Recovery
John Taylor: “We Are Going Into A Recession, Damn It” | zero hedge

In Price of Farmland, Echoes of Another Boom – NYTimes.com
Bearish Bets on Soybeans, Cattle Surge to Two-Year High in Options Market
UN: food prices hit record high in February

Social Security, Medicare and the nest-egg myth – latimes.com

As Oil Prices Soar, Calls Mount to Tap Reserve – NYTimes.com
Timothy Geithner says U.S. prepared to tap oil reserves – Mar. 3, 2011
Why you really can’t swap Libyan crude easily, at all

Oil’s surge felt by drivers, fliers and shoppers
Rising Gas Prices Hit Home – WSJ.com
E.P.A. Struggles to Regulate Natural Gas Industry
Norway Oil Drillers Hit Record Dry Spell as Reserves Wane

Worst Is Yet to Come for Best Buy – WSJ.com

Broke Town, U.S.A. – NYTimes.com
Michigan Governor Tells Cities to Tighten Budgets – WSJ.com
Internet Gambling Vetoed in New Jersey – WSJ.com
Pressure Mounts on Absent Democrats – WSJ.com

Saudi Arabia contagion triggers Gulf rout – Telegraph
Control of Libya’s $70 Billion Wealth Fund Is Next Battle Front
Venezuela talks up Chavez’s Libya peace plan – Yahoo! News
Libyan rebels reject Hugo Chávez mediation offer

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Utah Considers Return to Gold, Silver Coins – FoxNews.com
In Colombia, New Gold Rush Fuels Old Conflict – NYTimes.com

US loses its appetite for job as the world’s policeman
U.S. Decline in Global Arena: Is America No Longer No. 1? – TIME

Freddie and Fannie Closing Could Change Face of Housing – NYTimes.com
No Agreement Near on Penalties for Mortgage Mess – NYTimes.com
Banks Face More Loan Writedowns – WSJ.com

Wen Sees Billionaires in China Congress as Wealth Gap Widens – Bloomberg
China’s Exchanges Plan to Double Exchange-Traded Funds – Bloomberg
Gillard Concern at Aussie Gains Shows ‘Dutch Disease’ Risk – Bloomberg

European Central Bank Signals It May Raise Interest Rates
Trichet Says Rates May Rise Next Month – WSJ.com
Europeans to Initiate New Stress Tests of Banks

Euro climbs after Trichet warns on inflation
ECB prepares rate rise as global tide turns – Telegraph
BlackRock’s Fink Says He’s a `Big Buyer’ of Dollars That Gross Says Avoid
Euro Will Climb to 13-Month High, Then ‘Fade,’ Says Taylor of FX Concepts

U.S., Mexico Reach Deal on Trucking Dispute – WSJ.com
Billionaire vs. Billionaire in Mexico Feud – WSJ.com

Alibaba.com, Smarting From Scandal, Heads West – Bloomberg
Obama, Calderon Lift U.S. Ban on Mexican Trucks, Retaliatory Quotas
Retail Sales Rose in February, but Gas Prices Are a Worry – NYTimes.com

The Blind Man Who Taught Himself To See
Why Are Easy Decisions So Hard? | Wired Science | Wired.com
Sleep is More Important than Food – Harvard Business Review


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