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November 18, 2010

Mercenary Links Roundup for Thursday, Nov 18th (below the jump).

11-18 Thursday

Special Report: In the rough with SAC Capital | Reuters

Twitter Message Earns a Year in a Chinese Labor Camp – NYTimes.com
Chinese Scrutinized for Meddling With Web Traffic – NYTimes.com
China’s Drones Raise Eyebrows at Air Show – WSJ.com

Stocks Surge on Prospect of Rescue for Ireland – NYTimes.com
Loan in ‘Tens of Billions’ Seen for Ireland – WSJ.com
Wall St gains as European debt woes ease, GM returns | Reuters
Banks Weigh on the Dow – WSJ.com

Ireland’s economy: Threadbare | The Economist
Economic crash to drive 100,000 out of Ireland
Ireland denies ‘surrendering sovereignty’ over bail-out – Telegraph
Targeting Ireland’s Corporate-Tax Rate May Backfire – WSJ.com

China vows to tame inflation | Reuters
U.S. and Chinese Interest Rates Go Up! | The Big Picture

Economic Data Show U.S. Recovery Accelerating – Bloomberg
Factory, job data show some economic strength | Reuters

Albert Edwards: The Inventory Boom Is About To End And Crush U.S. GDP
QE2 as the World’s Largest Shelf Offering – The Reformed Broker

Bullish Sentiment Sees Largest Drop in Nearly Two Years
64.6% of companies beat estimates – low but above historical avg

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Burton G. Malkiel: ‘Buy and Hold’ Is Still a Winner – WSJ.com

Is Europe Unraveling Faster Than Anticipated? — Seeking Alpha
U.K.Public Borrowing Hits October High – WSJ.com

John Taylor On The Transition From “Win, Win” To “No Free Euro Lunch”
Euro boosted by Irish bail-out hopes
WTO’s Lamy Warns Against Currency Wars – WSJ.com

Prime U.S. Mortgage Foreclosures Rise to Record – Bloomberg
Bear Flattener in Treasuries Continues; Mortgage Rates Climb
Bernanke Claims QE II will Create 700,000 to 1 Million Jobs; Where?

Outraged Yet? What if Fed Buys Munis? – CNBC
Troubled California to Restructure Debt Sales – CNBC
California Bond Woe Bodes Ill for States – WSJ.com
Moody’s Downgrades San Francisco As Muni Maul Goes Mainstream

General Motors Shares Climb After $20 Billion IPO – Bloomberg
GM Stock Is Priced at $33 – WSJ.com

Boone Pickens: Oil is Going Down. Kidding. Up.
Walter Energy in Talks to Buy Western Coal for $3.24 Billion – WSJ.com
Schlumberger Probed Payments Made in Yemen – WSJ.com

Raw Sugar Advances Most in Six Weeks on Supply Concerns in Brazil, India
Sugar Surges on India Crop Concerns – WSJ.com
Cocoa Rises Most in 11 Months on Supply Concern; Coffee, Orange Juice Gain
Wheat Rises on Signs Global Demand to Outpace Supply After Russian Drought

India Microcredit Sector Faces Collapse From Defaults – NYTimes.com
Record Russia Earnings Making World’s Cheapest Stocks Cheaper – Bloomberg

Inside Sarah Palin’s Inner Circle – NYTimes.com

Will Turkey Day Fliers Cry Foul? – WSJ.com
TSA Hit With Lawsuits As Revolt Explodes
Man arrested after punching TSA screener in Indy | IndyStar.com

Rally Champion Sébastien Loeb May Well Be World’s Best Driver – WSJ.com


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