January 1, 2000

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The Dollar is Starting to Hurt Multinationals, and the Market’s Response to the Fed Was Ominous

Gold and the Dollar Show Coinciding Strength (Though the USD is Less Than Halfway Done)

Germany is Delusional to the Point of Insanity (and We’re Getting More Shorts On)

So Amazon is making movies now. Is this a joke or what?

Never Trust a Central Banker…


This “Forgotten Market Wizard” booked 41.6% compound returns over thirty years. Our “Interview With a Trading Legend” reveals the best trader you’ve probably never heard of…

She made the transition from floor trader in the Chicago grain pits… to S&P futures day trader… to top gun hedge fund manager… to the rarefied world of Family Office management. In our exclusive interview, “Deep Alpha” tells all…

Trading from home is the dream of every “nine-to-fiver”… but not without its challenges. Our special report — Trade From Home: 15 Keys to Success — will help you avoid hidden dangers.

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Ever considered starting your own hedge fund? Curious as to what it takes? We’ve got you covered. OPM 101: The Mercenary Hedge Fund Startup Guide!

Attention Hedge Fund Managers: Break the Institutional Barrier (And Significantly Raise AUM)!


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